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DOWNLOAD TO PLAY LoF BETA V05 NOW!!:: ?n2ddwmnn2i3

Extract all files and do not change their directories! 39dll and dat folder should be in the same place as LoF(version).exe

For Team Trial 1, required players have been brought down to 3 people, but can range up to 5 optionally.
Team Trial1's Boss' HP and other bugs have been fixed.

New monsters added, new maps added.

Part-time mini quests now show up on the bottom-right hand corner.

Level barrier's have been added. When you unlock a new skill, upon the level up effect, a message will be shown.

BGM's are changed, fixed, and added.

Mining is added. You may mine for more money!!

Base EXP are all boosted for better leveling balance.

PvP has been modified so that damage are all calculated like any other damage calculated on monsters.

Combat system has been modified (monster invulnerability has been shortened) so that you may now combo easily from one attack to another.

Music controller has been modified.

Also, over-leveling has been fixed. However, it will limit you to 2 consecutive level ups.
etc. etc...
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