LoF CBT4 Release 2 Update

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LoF CBT4 Release 2 Update

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:15 am

If you have not downloaded the full version, please do so first at: http://lifeoffantazia.forumn.org/t95-life-of-fantazia-cbt4-release-1-full-download

Update can be downloaded through the in-game URL or

Password, if needed, to extract the zip file is: "lof" (without quotations). Please replace the old exe file with the newly downloaded one.

The following changes have been made (some minor modifications may not be listed):
  • Extended the world with 1 more map and 2 more new monster (1, a boss).
  • Added a temporary shop where many equipments and potions can be bought.
  • 1 New additional Job Skill.
  • Bug fix during combat where monsters ignore qualified knockback and spring at player right after the damage.
  • Rebalaced few skills, especially the mage's.
  • Rebalanced PvP damage ratios and fixed bugs where critical hits would not occur during PvP.
  • Rebalanced character Defense.
  • Rebalanced all monster data such as speed, defense, attack, hp, level, etc.
  • Rebalanced the EXP curve to quicken level ups from 1 through 10, and 10~50.

Many rebalancing has been done.
Please enjoy!
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