skills and points

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skills and points

Post by FoxInABox on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:50 am

Since Blade is just the part in front of the handle of a sword/dagger, could it be removed as a mastery option? it's kinda confusing..

So now kill everything with 2 hits with my warrior, dealing 300-400 dmg at lvl 25 using lethal blow .. 600+ if crit, it kinda feels too powerfull, considering my mage ofen finds himself drained for magic, and the assasin got the dissadvantage of having the small range, so he will recive touch damage a lot of times.

Would it work if enemies didn't to touch damage? however, there should be enemies that deals touch dmg because of spikes or elemental reasons ..

Anyway, then there is the class and fantasy skills, I do not know where you are going with them, but I would like to see skills that do bonuses to diffrent aspects of play, and make the fantasy enpower and build upon some of them as well brining in possible new ones to combine ><;; .. it's not that easy, I know that.

I only put skillpoints into the skill that would give me the most dmg, migth want to limit the max number of added skillpoints in each slot to 2 for each level, so that one is forced to spend a few of them elsewhere.
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Re: skills and points

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:11 pm

Well, I don't think we can take out the Blade Mastery- probably going to stay at two different masteries for the sword and blade. Most jobs (except mages) have masteries based on 2 different weapon paths. The weapon you train on later sets your skill arsenals too.

As for the touch damages... yeah, that should stay as it is too xD

The Class skills and Fantazy skills help the user try their own mixture of builds to create a unique character- or just stick with the standard for the default given set. The fantazies are set to have skills of certain gameplay style- it's just that the skill list is pretty short and limited at the moment, so it may not be too evident.

As for the max skill point limits, I'll look into rebalancing it.

Thanks for the suggestions~
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