LoF CBT4 Release 3 Update

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LoF CBT4 Release 3 Update

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:21 pm

If you have not downloaded the full version, please do so first at: http://lifeoffantazia.forumn.org/t95-life-of-fantazia-cbt4-release-1-full-download

Update can be downloaded through the in-game URL or

Password, if needed, to extract the zip file is: "lof" (without quotations). Please replace the old exe file with the newly downloaded one.

The following changes have been made (some minor modifications may not be listed):

•Extended the world with more maps and more monsters.
•Added a temporary pendant, and some new items.
•Rebalanced Mage skill- replaced Natural Veil with a new skill, Flood Pillars
•Bug fix shop SPACE bar glitch and Team Trial boss attack damage glitch
•Bug fix server not recognizing speed boost from Nimble Embodiment

Many bug fixes have been made in this minor update.
Please enjoy!.
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