[EVENT] Update Your Profile & Beat the Limit

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[EVENT] Update Your Profile & Beat the Limit

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:59 pm

Here's a new event!!

First of all, you can only qualify one character per account.
You first need to have a forum account, then update your profile to list your in-game character name.
(This can be done by clicking on the Profile button on the menu at the top of the forum, below the Life of Fantazia logo. Make sure to log in first!)

Remember, you can only apply with one character once!! (Registering a character on 2 different forum account profile will not work).

When the event ends in *August 13, special rewards will be awarded to that registered character for whatever level threshold they have broken:
  • Reaching level 10: 3x lottery tickets
  • Reaching level 25: 5x lottery tickets, 2000 mileage, 1x Mystery Item #1
  • Reaching level 35: 10x lottery tickets, 5000 mileage, 1x Mystery Item #1, 1x Mystery Item #2

    (The following requirement is separate from the other thresholds, meaning you can win both)
  • Being ranking #1 level-wise at the end of the event: 100x lottery tickets, 20000mileage, 3x Mystery Item #1, 1x Mystery Item #2, 1x Mystery Item #3

Revealed Mystery Items:
#1=Beta Pendant
#2=Beta Hat
#3=Hat of Fantasy

* IMPORTANT: Due to the soon-to-happen closure of CBT4, rewards will be given in OBT or any time LoF reopens.
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