Cardboard Quest

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Cardboard Quest

Post by FoxInABox on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:26 pm

Been around for some time now, lvling up, sniffing out glitches while testing new skills that are out, that's mostly what I do .. tend to awoid pvp in most games, but I'm ok with this one since it's mostly for fun atm .. I don't add points to skills that I don't think will give any attack, unless I'm forced to, when it becomes possible, then I will be a mighty healer/buffer .. as I prefer the support role.

I will try to make some story that reflect what I do and discover in the game to some degree.
Hope some will find it interesting ^^

Day 1 - Beta 3
I tested out all the classes, got the basic understanding of how to level up pretty fast, my choice ended up at Warrior which I tought was too powerfull, but I had not given the other classes a propper test yet.

Day 2 - Beta 4
Nice people in Fantazia, while I walk around getting owned rapidly by missusing the low death penalty that gives me some health back, then people stop and look at me, I wonder if they think I'm having a hard time, because they try to give me all sorts of epic looking items to aid me, however I refuse .. gifts != trasure .. and I love to seek for treasure x3

My mage reached sayanin level, and I'm pretty sure he passed >9000 at some points as his mana bar got infinite, I was thrilled, even tho this was not meant to be. I was still mortal, so to counter it I spend all my money on a life supply of health pots.
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Re: Cardboard Quest

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:56 am

Ah, so that's what you were doing!! It really did seem like you were struggling to hit the mobs rather than suiciding for the hp and mp recovery xD

I'm guessing the numbers after 'Beta' means the release number.
In that case, I'll just note- we had 5 simultaneous account log-ins~! (CBT4 release 4). New record for now, at least after cbt4 launch lol

It was fun reading your entry xD
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