Jobs and Fantazies- A Development Notebook Exerpt

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Jobs and Fantazies- A Development Notebook Exerpt

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:28 am

As you may know, in LoF, there are two different kinds of titles a character can hold. These titles determine the character's skills, abilities, weapons, and general gameplay.

One is the Job (a class, or an occupation).
So far, LoF provided 3 different jobs that we are all familiar with:
A Soldier, an Assassin, and a Mage.
Just like any other MMO's, it's standard and unoriginal. Kind of stale...

But wait! There's a second kind of job. It's the Fantazy (hence, Life of Fantazia... not fantasia).
Fantazy is a in-game made up collection of entities that symbolize an element of the world. They're usually paired with one of the main jobs already, so you can say that Fantazies give the player the latter half of the jobs' skills.
So far, LoF has 3 different Fantazies, each respectively paired as a default with the jobs.
The Power, The Luck, and The Nature.

Things get interesting when you realize you don't have to go with the default pairs. You can choose and create your own combination of Job+Fantazy in order to make a unique arsenal of skills. (Remember, job skills may be restricted by weapon type, but fantazy skills can be used with any weapon). In essence, you're creating a new job for yourself.
But does it really work out? Do these combinations really all work?
I assure you by presenting you the following data:

Default combination. Stat focuses on PHY and some VIT. You pump out your normal soldier damage skills like Power Slash and Spinning Strike, while the fantazy adds similar skills like Crash and U-Slash. All melee, soldier-like, and high-damaging. The Power further aids you by giving you a tougher defense while you're out in the front lines tanking everything (like Armor Mastery and Stronghold).

This particular original combination gives you something like a soldier who's nimble and not bogged down by the typical warrior-like slow speed and reaction. The Luck adds a lot of movement maneuvers (Back Step and Graze Chase), critical hits to farther increase your already-high damage (Critical Mastery), and deadly high damage-ratio skills that are usually only available for Assassins due to their generally-lower attack power (Multi-Blow). This build solely focuses on the PHY stat. On the downside, you really do lose the benefit of higher defense and AoE skills- since most of your skills will revolve around high-ratio death blows on single enemies.

A what? A soldier using elemental magic? It's possible. Thankfully, some nature skills (Ice Ray) depend on the INT stat and not the main-Magic-Attack-stat-MEN. So hey, you can actually use magic spells too while slashing your opponents down! Furthermore, your invested INT points will make you have a solid MP bar unlike the other normal soldiers who suffer from extremely-low max MP capacity. Nature also has skills that adds elemental effects to any attacks (Burning Soul). This spell helps your melee attacks too, adding special effects and more damage to them. on and so forth. There's 6 more combinations left, but I'll let you guys explore those.

Now here's a reward for all those who have stuck around and finished reading this long thing.
Next patch (CBT4 Release 5) will include a new Fanazy, 'Space-Time'! This fantazy's paired by default with Mages. It's basically their second-option fantazy. Of course, much effort has been made for this fantazy to also fit well with other jobs. Here are some skill spoilers (these are not final and may be subject to change):
Rewind-recovers HP and MP of target character, Darkness-A black ring of wisp damages multiple enemies, Spacial Rift-Opens a hole in space; this does all of the following- teleports the user and party members around the user, damages nearby monsters. , Anti-Matter-summons a small unmoving ball of substance that damages anything that touches it.
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