Idea of the Month Fantazy - Magnetism

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Idea of the Month Fantazy - Magnetism

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:21 am

We all know (well, most of you know by now) that even in LoF's unique job-type/skill-combination system, there's a missing point in the line. Mage-Warrior hybrids. Something like spell blades or battle mages or whatever phrase you are fond of, it's basically a mage who uses melee attacks, or a warrior that extensively uses magic for additional power.
Yeah, you can do Soldier+ Nature, or Soldier+ Time and Space, or Mage+ Power. But that's the exact 3 combinations that work the least within all the possible combinations in LoF.
This second (alternate) fantazy for soldier (Mage's have a secondary, so why not soldiers too. Maybe we'll make it a custom in the future that all base jobs have at 2 different default-paired fantazies), or, this new fantazy idea not only enables the melee+mage dream, but also is the manifestation of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, and puts THE POWER OF MAGNETISM at your fingertips.

Some base idea so far: feel free to suggest edits or brand new concepts, etc.

Gameplay: Those typical scary slow-big characters that do massive damage at point blank range... Achieved by having active skills with extremely small short-ranged hitboxes, but with a universal ability to somehow draw in enemies.
Build: Force to raise both PHY and MEN. This can be backed up with the active skills being type-3 (damage determined by phy.attack + magic.attack).

Early Passive Skill- increases HP (%), general damage, and decreases base speed < it makes it tanky. People would probably think, I'M NOT SACRIFICING MY SPEED, cuz speed in LoF is broken. So we add the ability, 'all active skills that causes [magentized] debuff only happen at a certain X% chance, determined by this skill's level'. Basically, it makes this passive skill essential; I'll explain the debuff later. (Possible name: Iron Body)

First Boring common Active Skill- W/e. Something to do with electricity or something, as long as it fits the theme. I'd say give this bulky move superarmor and some forward momentum. yeah~ (Possible name: Volt Tackle)

The Activator Active Skill- A normal-attack animation move, with some electric-charge element in it. Hit the opponent with it, and now he's magnetized (assuming you invested in the passive skill...). Then now you can have certain additional effects when you use all of your other magnet-related skill Wink not all though, like the volt tackle above. That's just a normal active skill with no other properties. (Possible name: Charge Blow)

The WIN- Here's the massssssive damage attack that almost misses all the time unless you have someone magnetized. Goes into a charging-animation, where it sucks in al magnetized opponents near by. then the hit box hits one opponent (hopefully) and does some ridiculous massive damage not seen in any other classes. (Possible name: Triple Collider, assuming it goes 3 consec. hits. Unless one massive number single hit looks more impressive....).

Basically needs to go around and start it off with the initial punches, then get things into serious business. Probably also need a wide-range AoE (some electrical discharge wave or smthn) that paralyzed/stun/immobilizes enemies nearby, so he can walk up and punch them for magnetization.
Fun idea I foresee is a Shooter+Magnetism combination. Since that means you can charge people from far away with your arrow/bullets. Interesting stuff.
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