Idea of the Month Extremely Difficult Combat

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Idea of the Month Extremely Difficult Combat

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:10 pm

What's the problem with MMO's for a lot of gamers out there? It's the never ending aspect of grinding. Of course, there are a bunch of other contents for players to avert their attention to, so that they don't get too sick of grinding all the time. Well, here's a more direct approach to potentially solve this problem- implementing an extremely immersive and engaging combat.
Boring forms of grinding usually results from repetitive, stale combat. No matter how good and flashy the skill animations are, combat simply gets boring. So we probably need something along the lines of a really smart AI for the mobs, and probably something more...
So let's sidetrack a bit. Who likes PvP? I loooove PvP. Usually, PvP never gets boring (unless you literally play against the same person a bunch of times). And what if you could grind off of PvP? That'd be much less boring right?
So it's a matter of making mob-fighting don a similar experience as fighting another player.
What if each and every monster was extremely difficult to kill? What if they can dodge(being wary of your attack range and staying out of range cautiously), block (from completely nullifying your damage to getting some chip damage), use different skills (each unique to a spawned mob, not even based on their types or levels), use strong attacks or fast attacks to counter your responses (that destroys your guard or responds specifically to one of your skill)? Basically, we make each mob a real hard fight to overcome. This probably then has issues with AoE skills- since aggro'ing a bunch of these guys would simply spell out death. We can either make it so that AoE's are rather bad and that the players should only use them against fairly low levels and thus gain lower amount of experience (but you kill more), or make it so that when multiple mobs are aggro'ing on one player, they can recognize it and go a bit easy with their defenses (I mean, it happens in real life- the underestimation coming from outnumbering someone). With that, we can make each monster give a ton of exp and make a single combat much more rewarding. I'm taling on the scale of: "Kill a few mobs countable with two hands, and level up."
Then defeating something like a "boss" should level you up completely...
Sounds good? or Horrible?
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