Life of Fantazia CS OBT Full Download

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Life of Fantazia CS OBT Full Download

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:55 am

If you missed the link before, here it is-

Copy & paste it into your browser window. Ofc, this genius forums breaks mediafire links... ;_;

All future updates can be attained automatically through the mdu.exe that comes with the download.

Details about CD OBT:
This is a mere testing phase. Big focus on the "testing" part.
Releases will be QUITE unstable at times. The accounts created on this server will not be carried over (if there is ever a future release).
Instead, EXP will be set at x5 times, and Drop rate at x3 times.
I strongly encourage players to help test many different aspects of the game and also submit as most suggestions and fixes as possible.
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