Occupations and Fantazy List & Description

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Occupations and Fantazy List & Description

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:15 am

~Occupation (Job/Class)~
The standard Warrior-class archetype, wielding either a Sword or a Heavy-Blade to hack through the front lines with their tanky HP and tough armors. They use strong melee-type attacks using their PHY stat.

The agile Thief-class that focuses on speed and stealth. Using NIM as their main stat, they use flashy, quick combat tricks and gimmicks to outmaneuver opponents. Wields Gloves for short-ranged double hit properties, or uses slightly longer-ranged Daggers as weapons.

The standard magic-based class that casts spells of powerful magic with the use of their MP. With MEN as their main stat, they can spew out a ton of big, powerful spell attacks. They can hold either a Staff or a Book (tome).

The ranged class that also uses the NIM stat as their main damage source. With their ability to damage opponents from afar, they control the zone around them. They can use a Bow or a Handgun.

~Fantazy (Second half of the skill set for the 'typical' archetypes)~
Normally meant for soldiers. Supports the user's defense and grants more powerful melee-based AoE's.

Normally meant for assassins. Gives quick movement maneuvers and introduces luck-based mechanisms such as high critical hits.

Normally meant for mages. Uses either water or fire element-based magic spells. Some magic spells, however, are based on the INT stat separated from your usual Magic-Attack (MEN stat). Most elemental moves have respective effects and debuffs. Also has an ability to integrate an element to most of other attacks that would not have one otherwise.
Unique Ability:

Also normally meant for mages. Unlike Nature which focuses on INT as a side-support and conserves MP, Space-Time expends mana for exotic and strong magic spells. Also has unique skills that manipulates space.
Unique Ability: Instantiated Worlds - Over time, as long as the character is not emerged in combat, crystals will pop out one by one (up to 7 max at once). These crystals are required to activate powerful skills.

Normally meant for shooters. Has non-weapon based ranged attacks and other nifty features to support and encourage more zoning.
Unique Ability: C - For each hit the character lands, a distance-bar will fill up relative to how far that hit was landed from. When the distance-bar is maxed out, all enemies within a certain radius of the character will automatically and periodically get hit by random projectiles. If the character gets hit, the bar will completely deplete.
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