[Update] Final Update Notes and Open Source!

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[Update] Final Update Notes and Open Source!

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:06 am

*stays professional*

This is the final patch LoF will receive. The service will end, and though unfortunate, it was an amazing 6 or 7 years of fun!

LoF is actually now completely open source, so you can continue to play the game by hosting the server yourself.
Click here for Open Source

Lastly, here are the big final patch changes.

LoF Final Patch Release Notes (June.16.2015)


All accounts from Closed Beta Test 4 have been migrated. All characters under these accounts have had their skills completely reset.
No other accounts have been migrated over (such as the ones from OBT).


Extended Stats screen complete- shows more detailed character stats.
Party screen added. [R] to open party menu.
Login/Signup screen textfield highlight tabbable in loop.
Game starts windowed by default.
Fixed startup resolution-related bugs.
Added button to return to main menu vs. return to Windows.


Party System added.
All players within a party regardless of the map will split and share experience from monsters.
Each additional members give 10% bonus EXP. You can have up to 6 members in a party.
Party members are indicated by blue name plates.
The Town Arena now groups members of each party into teams to allow team PvP.
Team Trials can now only be initiated as a party.
'/party create' to create a party
'/party invite [charactername]' to invite another player to your party
'/party leave' to leave a party
'/party accept' or '/party decline' upon a party invitation


Name change Leafer -> Leafy
Name change Fermented Pea -> Normal Pea
Name change Overly Fermented Pea -> Fermented Pea
Name change Old Pea -> Rotting Pea
Name change Snail -> Dally
Name change Serpent of Books -> Smart Serpent
Name change Nipah -> Teruru
Name change No Name Yet -> Ghoul Knight
Name change Copyright -> Sorbet Bean
Chaotic Pea attack 356->330
Chaotic Pea projectile attack 356*0.7 -> 330*1.3
Dally speed 2.2 -> 1.5
Dally new projectile attack
Pumpkin Mage new projectile attack (spread)
Red Starfishy new projectile attack
Blue Starfishy new projectile attack
Smart Serpent projectile attack animation startup 8->34, active 6->4


Added 4 new uncommon drop loots (Ruby Gem, Sapphire Gem, Amethyst Gem, Gold Gem).
Gems can be traded for lottery tickets at the trade NPC.
Epic Sword 10->20 defense, 1->2 speed.
Added a 5th pendant, but it's not animated. Attainable only through lottery.
Lottery prizes modified.


Skill descriptions changed to reflect how many monsters it can strike.
Skills with Party effects now properly affects party members through the new party system, even outside of Team Trial maps.
Stronghold learning level 15->13
Nimble Embodiment learning level 15->13
Drill Arrow learning level 15->14
Fireworks learning level 15->14
Fireworks target 4->5, can cause stun (15% at max level), knockback power 1.3->2.5
Flash Counter stun rate at max level: 20%->25%
Rewind changed from requiring 2 pieces of fragment to shattering 2 pieces of fragment.
Rewind heal rates increased, but the amount recovered is based on your current HP. The heal is now split evenly across party members, and gives you exp.
Antimatter changed from shattering 2 pieces of fragment to shattering 3 pieces of fragment.
Antimatter now causes a Seal debuff.
Accuracy Mastery level 5~8 each now have 1 additional degree of focus (at max 32->33).
Keen Focus now increases projectile distance, as promised by the skill description...
Old projectiles: Shock Wave, Energy Blast, Fire Ball, Water Ball, are now affected by distance-enhancing skills.
New skill- Critical Mastery for Shooter at Lv 20. This is the same skill as The Luck's, and cannot be double-learned.


Soldier - Level Up Max HP gain rate 0.9->1.0 and Max MP gain rate 0.6->0.3
Assassin- Level Up Max MP gain rate 0.7->0.6
Mage - Level Up Max HP gain rate 0.6->0.3
Shooter - Level Up Max HP gain rate 0.8->0.6
Defense Physicality stat factor 0.3->0.15
Defense Nimbleness stat factor 0.2->0.1
Defense Mentality stat factor 0.1->0.05
Defense Vitality stat factor 1.0->0.7
Max HP Vitality stat factor 0.5->0.66
Max MP Intelligence stat factor 0.66->0.83


0 damage no longer induces knockback (both mob damage and PvP damage).
Amount of HP healed is now indicated by light-green numbers.


The Tower sprite/tile looks cheesier, but not like a drawing of a 2-year-old.
Added a bunch of trees, misc environment objects/terrain, and backgrounds.


Equipped weapons are now shown on characters. This feature can be toggled with [F6].
Updated special credits message, with twitter names to keep with the times.
Fixed received PvP damage indicator not appearing at the right place.
Fixed the terrible ranking update algorithm...
Fixed the server not recognizing the last item slot of each inventory spot as a free space during rewards.
Fixed client not being able to recognize stackable slot for a loot pick up in absence of empty slots.
Fixed wrongful exp display update upon receiving more than 65535 EXP from a monster.
Fixed the graphical bug where a monster's sprite would stretch horizontally upon specific collisions.
The synchronization of gamestate with regards to monsters is now distributed.
Fixed monster position desync upon environment collision.
Fixed slight jumps in a monster's position upon attacking.
Fixed the fast and excessive lerping of a monster's position during its charge attack right after getting knocked back.
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