Skills [this is filler for 10 char minimum subject line]

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Skills [this is filler for 10 char minimum subject line]

Post by GM_Nick on Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:26 am

Defender -> Holy Knight
Holy Guard - AoE: Circle around self, heals everyone in circle slowly, drains own mana slowly
Divine Sword - Stab an Angelic sword to the floor. Earth splits in cross shape while holy aura erupts from below. AoE
Holy Spear - Charge forward with holy spear. Knock back monsters

Defender -> Dark Knight
Dark Slash - Normal attack range, deals damage to self, LARGE damage on the slash
Demonic Sword - Stab an Evil sword to the floor. Earth splits in a straight line forward while sinister aura erupts from below. AoE
Evil Spear - Charge forward with dark spear. Knock back monsters

Trickster -> Wanderer
Crescent Slash - Create short slash-shaped shockwave back and forth.
Triple Slash - slash consecutive and quick slashes 3 times.

Trickster -> Joker
Pop! - explodes at current location [as if a clone exploded], deals aoe dmg; self is teleported back
Spike Trap - set trap that creates a giant spike that impales the enemy when touched.
Bomb - throw a bomb that explodes
Knives - throw a knife

Augur -> Alchemist
Healing Gas - Release a gas that heals many people around you.
Poison Gas - Release a poisnous gas covering huge area infront of you

Augur -> Witch
Angular summons?
Meteor - Summon a gigantic meteor from the sky that crashes down on enemies to burn them.
Divinity Spike - summon a spike that stabs a single enemy for a huge damage.

Champion -> Thousand Slayer
Janus Sword - Stab a half-holy, half-evil sword to the floor. AoE
War Cry - shout, damage area

Outlaw -> Assailant
Stealth - Removes aggression from self, drains mana while stealthed with an initial mana cost
Clone Strike - Many images appear in a line parallel to self, push forward and attack;
Triple throw - throw three shurikens covering wide area infront

Magus -> Black Mage
Poison Ivy - Summon poisonous ivies from the floor that stun and poison enemies.
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