[EVENT] Second Job Advancement Skill Ideas

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[EVENT] Second Job Advancement Skill Ideas

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:05 pm

In the suggestion box, post a topic about a skill idea you want for a second job advancement!

You may post as many as ideas you want, but each pots should contain only 1 skill idea, and you may not post the same idea more than once.
Please specify the level and job specifications, special effects and traits, description of what it looks like (either in words or pictures), and other specific details.

Some skills will be chosen and rewards will be given out!

Second Job Levels should be between Lvl 28 and 60

Second Job names are:
Defender -> Holy Knight
Defender -> Dark Knight
Trickster -> Wanderer
Trickster -> Joker
Augur -> Alchemist
Augur -> Witch
Champion -> Thousand Slayer
Outlaw -> Assailant
Magus -> Black Mage

Event ends: May 1, 2010
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