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DOWNLOAD TO PLAY LoF BETA V07 NOW!!:: ?oe01t5w0hcj

To play, replace the old v05 or v06 executive with v07. Leave the dat folder in the same place.

(Base) Spring Deluge damage ratio has been raised from 2.1 to 2.5;
(Base) Spring Deluge MP consume amount has been reduced from 70 to 64;
(Base) Spring Deluge cooldown time has been reduced from 3.33 seconds to 2.5 seconds;
Damage Reduction due Defender/Champion skill has been reduced.
Trickster and Outlaw's C button skill's hitbox has been decreased.
Job "Assailant" has been changed to "Joker".
Job "Ninja" has been changed to "Assailant".

Most situation where monsters escape the map has been fixed.
Vinelle's Team Trial 1 final boss now drops a special hat with the highest defense in the game.

Hats added that provide additional defense for the player.
Hat auto-change upon Job advancement has been added.

==General Gameplay (Security*)==
Upon recognizable hacking attempts, client-side auto-crash added.
Upon recognizable hacking attempts, server-side auto-banning system added.
Player Data mix up and its screw up upon abnormal game crash, only conserved by the auto-update feature, has been fixed.

*One must now agree to play fairly without any cheating or hacking to provide a fair environment other fellow testers and players. Banned characters may be unbanned after consideration.
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