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Post by [GM]GameMaster on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:41 pm

Download to play LoF Beta v01 now! ?tqtjzzdtggm

note: incase the game doesnt run by itself, please download this and put it in the same directory (folder) as the game .exe ?zzwmxvwdjxm

The development for beta release turned out worse than expected. Efforts will be done to quickly increase the content of the game.
Few notes all players should read:
1. SPACEBAR is attack, Z is the rest skill, X is the beginner attack skill, C is the first job attack skill, V is the second job attack skill, and Bbutton is the third attack skill, then A is the 5th one. All skills are automatically unlocked a certain levels.
2. There are no items! Even if you see the potion thing.
3. Monsters are client sided! Meaning no one else will see your monsters as they are on your screen.

Next patch will include Server side monsters and some fun quests (maybe).

EXP gained will be doubled until Feb 22nd.
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