Occupations and Respective Skills List

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Occupations and Respective Skills List

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:28 pm

  • Unoccupied
    level 1 Rest- Stop and slowly recover HP and MP while remaining still.
    level 1 Dash Step- Cancel into a quick dash forward.
    level 1 Shockwave- Send out a short shockwave through the air.
  • Soldier
    level 6 HP Up- Permanently raises Max HP.
    level 6 Weapon Mastery- Sword/Blade. Raises mastery.
    level 9 Power Slash- A strong slash that deals extra damage.
    level 15 Stronghold- When at low HP, boosts defense and slowly recovers HP.
    level 15 Piercing Strike- (Swords only) 2-hit combo that stabs through and past enemies.
    level 15 Flash Counter- (Blades only) Charge up and slash a wide area at quick speed. Stuns enemies.
    level 24 Sanguine Cut- Spends HP, gains super armor frames, and heavily cuts through enemies. HP is regained on each hit.
  • Assassin
    level 6 HP & MP Up- Permanently raises Max HP & Max MP.
    level 6 Weapon Mastery- Dagger/Gloves. Raises mastery.
    level 9 Double Strike- Stab twice simultaneously at point blank range.
    level 15 Nimble Embodiment- Permanently raises base speed and evasiveness.
    level 15 Feint Slash- (Daggers only) Sends out a clone to distract others, then slash all around your initial position.
    level 15 Roundhouse- (Gloves only) Hits full 360 degrees.
    level 24 Poison Smoke Bomb- Creates a wide-area of gas cover that poisons all enemies.
  • Mage/Augur
    level 6 MP Up- Permanently raises Max MP.
    level 6 Magic Mastery- Raises mastery of Magic Attacks.
    level 7 Energy Blast- Burst out an energy projectile.
    level 13 Enchantment of Defense- Creates a buff for self and all teammates that temporarily increases their defense.
    level 15 Mind Reader- Randomly recover MP proportional to the damage you deal.
    level 22 Holy Sphere- Casts a burst of holy sphere a distance away that can hit multiple enemies and heal parties.
  • Shooter
    level 6 Accuracy Mastery- Reduces projectile angle deviation, increases projectile distance.
    level 6 Weapon Mastery- Bow/Handgun. Raises mastery.
    level 8 Blast Shot- Focused shot of projectile that travels farther and faster.
    level 15 Natural Hunter- After dealing damage, enemy mobs have a certain chance of not following/attacking you.
    level 15 Keen Focus- Temporarily increases your aim and damage stability.
    level 15 Drill Arrow- Fires a projectile that pierces through multiple enemies in a line.
    level 15 Fireworks- Launches a big explosion a certain distance away that hits multiple enemies.
    level 24 Snipe Shot- Fires an extremely fast arrow that hits only a long distances. Hits one single target for fatal damage. Stuns.
    level 24 Mortar- Fires a mortar that deals massive damage to a wide-area. Has long cooldown and debuffs movement speed temporarily after use. Stuns.

  • The Power
    level 10 Armor Mastery- Gives extra defense from equipments.
    level 12 Crash- Crash down on an enemy. Splashes.
    level 17 U-Slash- Hooks the opponent inwards, knocking them towards you.
    level 20 Iron Defense- Creates a buff temporarily boosting defense.
  • The Luck
    level 10 Back Step- Quickly step backwards avoiding attacks.
    level 12 Multi-Blow- Hits a single opponent up to 4 times.
    level 17 Critical Stab- Stabs the opponent for a high critical-damage. Does low damage is critical misses.
    level 20 Critical Mastery- Raises chance and strength of critical blows.
    level 20 Close Call- Randomly leaves you with 1 HP in case of death, randomly removes limit and proration, etc.
  • The Nature
    level 10 Natural Veil- Resistance to elements... (at the moment, this skill is useless).
    level 10 Water/Fire Ball- Shoots out a ball of element.
    level 10 Flood/Flame Pillars- Erupt a giant blast of water or fire.
    level 15 Burning/Freezing Soul- Non-elemental attacks gain elemental properties (and respective debuff properties) and additional damage.
  • The Space and Time
    level 10 Rewind- Heals HP & SP of party members, yourself included.
    level 13 Darkness- Creates a ring of black wisps that damages monsters.
    level 15 Spacial Rift- Teleports you and other nearby party members a certain distance.
    level 18 Anti-Matter- Creates a small stationary ball that continuously damages and drags in all enemies that collide with it.
  • The Light
    level 10 Essential Spacing- Damage stabilizes and increases as it is dealt farther away.
    level 12 Backstep Reversal- Performs normal attack with start-up invulnerability frames while quickly retreating backwards.
    level 17 Needle Fire- Shoot out 3 light rays that stabs a distant opponent and reduces defense.
    level 17 Confuse Shot- Summons a light ray that shoots and stabs a distant opponent. Knockback power is increased with distance, and knockback precision is increased with aim.
    level 20 Flash- Blinds nearby enemies.
    level 20 Concentrate- Creates a buff temporarily reducing projectile angle deviation, and increasing projectile distance.

  • Shooter
    level 12 Fire (Projectile)- Fire projectile. Aim and distance may vary.
    level 16 Blaster- Fire out a high-energy blast.
    level 21 Focus Shot- Fire a strong, completely focused shot.
    level 25 Concentrate- Temporarily increase aim focus.
  • Champion
    level 12 Crasher- Deliever a crashing blow in-front.
    level 16 Splitting Earth- Split the ground underneath, damaging all round.
    level 21 Life Drain- Stab forward and steal HP.
    level 25 Parry Barrier- Temporarily boost defense.
  • Outlaw
    level 12 Sneak Twist- Spin and damage all around.
    level 16 Dual Assault- Stab twice simultaneously at point blank range.
    level 21 Ace Throwing- Throw a fast, spinning trump card.
    level 25 Invisible- Hide yourself.
  • Magus
    level 12 Sparkle- Create a spark of energy some distance away
    level 16 Summer Deluge- Burst out a spout of water in-front.
    level 21 Gravity Blow- Suddenly increase the gravity in-front and stun enemies.
    level 25 Heal Wave- Send out a wave that heals people.

  • Legitim Coalition
    level 28 Meditation- Meditate to quickly heal HP and MP.
  • Nihilist Coalition
    level 28 Meditation- Meditate to quickly heal HP and MP.

  • Holy Knight
    level 32 Holy Spear- Pierce through with a divine spear for knockback.
    level 40 Divine Judgment- Deal damage in an area formed by a big cross-shaped pattern.
  • Dark Knight
    level 32 Evil Spear- Pierce through with a demonic spear for knockback.
    level 40 Evil Punishment- Deal damage in an area of big spread above and below.
  • Wanderer
    level 32 Divider Slash- Send a great shock wave of energy slicing through space.
    level 40 Triple Slash- Slash three consecutive times.
  • Joker
    level 32 Explosion Trap- Set a trap to detonate and stun the enemy.
    level 40 Molotov Cocktail- Throw a molotov and set the ground on fire.
  • Alchemist
    level 32 Poison Gas- Spill out a barb of poison gas and poison the enemy.
    level 40
  • Witch
    level 32 Divine Stake- Deliver divine punishment with a stake for knockback.
    level 40
  • Marksman
    level 32 Consecutive Impalance- Fire two crossing arrows simulatenously.
    level 40 Raining Arrows- Summon a huge rain of arrows around you.
  • Sniper
    level 32 Head Shot- Aim and fire a deadly shot towards a very far opponent.
    level 40 Pursuit- Fire multiple rounds aimed at the enemy's feet.
  • Thousand Slayer
    level 32 Blitz- Strike with lightening and stun the enemy.
    level 40
  • Assailant
    level 32 Triple Arc Throw- Throw three shurikens at an angle.
    level 40
  • Black Mage
    level 32 Lighteninng Strike- Summon a lightening and stun the enemy.
    level 40
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