LoF CBT3 v1 Release! Download Link Inside.

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LoF CBT3 v1 Release! Download Link Inside.

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:12 am

Click here to download the full LoF CBT3 package:
mediafire.com ?bj7xfwptb6mn1dt

Also, as a warning, please note that CBT3 is a CLOSED beta. In fact, we have planned to make this testing phase more "closed" than the other preceding ones (CBT1 and CBT2).
The gameplay and updates may be rather unforgiving- there may be glitches that render the game unexecutable, and updates a few minutes after another update (in which case the tester must redownload the whole package again).

The server will be up and running by Jan. 30th, 2001. 11:30PM (EST).

Thank you for your cooperation.

PS: At the moment, anyone who downloads the game may create an account. The game is in a very early build as of now, but expect many content updates soon!!
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