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Post by raven on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:07 am

Let me start off by saying, what is a boss in a video game? In recent days, bosses are nothing more than powered up monsters where one gains little satisfaction in besting. I believe bosses should be more than that. Back in the old days, bosses were not just something you meet and kill to continue, they were a REAL OBSTACLE in the game. A boss should challenge all of a player's skills, and in the case of an mmorpg a player's ability to coordinate with others.
My suggestion? I want to see something that sets this game away from others, a boss not just where blobs just sit around smacking buttons and healing like maplestory, no I demand something that is a challenge.
What I would like to see is the implication of a Zelda-type boss, one that requires a bit of puzzle solving along with dodging enemy projectiles danmaku style.

My ideas:

Boss: Esther Greenwood
Description: Insane woman sprite
Knife slash
Desperation Attack - Pill throw
Bell Jar
At first the fight will begin like a normal tank and spank. After a certain % is done, Esther will turn crazy and start throwing pills everywhere. Players (at least 2 is required) most go to either side of an electric generator and activate it simultaneously to deliver a shock treatment that will paralyze Esther and the fight continues. Near her death, she will try and capture a player in a bell jar. players will be alerted by a shadow before the belljar falls on their character so they can avoid. if caught, players must break the bell jar before allowed to move or deal damage to boss, but the boss can deal damage to players.

If such a boss can be implemented, I will be greatly impressed by the game.
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Post by [GM]GameMaster on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:11 am

'Description: Insane woman sprite'
'Description: Insane woman sprite'
'Description: Insane woman sprite'
Esther Greenwood-Bell Jar
I see what you did there.

Although the idea you have suggested will probably not make it to the game, the game will have those "epic" bosses involving puzzles, different & multiple character jobs, and fun boss patterns in Team Trials.
Hope you look forward to it Wink

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