Notification on Server Issues Regarding LoF CBT3 v2 & v3

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Notification on Server Issues Regarding LoF CBT3 v2 & v3

Post by [GM]GameMaster on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:45 pm

The server currently seems to be experiencing constant difficulties maintaining its proper functions.

The server might simply stop running at one random point, in which case it becomes inaccessible through all clients, and must be reset manually. We are trying to fix this problem, but if this problem persists, we will have to to change the host of the server (one that is a little bit unsteady and slower).
If this bug happens while in-game, the player will not receive a disconnection message, but the server will not respond.
This bug might also cause the server to not save anything, including newly created account/character files, earned items and experience in-game, etc.

We hope to have fixed this bug in the v3 release, but we cannot assure that it will not happen again. If it does indeed happen again, the server host will be moved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: As of 2/17/11, the server has ran a nonstop 5x 24-hour period, and the bug seems to have been fixed.
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