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Post by [GM]GameMaster on Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:09 pm

DOWNLOAD TO PLAY LoF BETA V04 NOW!!:: ?nzybwmhgngz

Wasn't that quick? Well, there's a lot of changes! (Extract all files, and make sure contents stay in the same directory with other components)

PQ level requirement has been brought down to lvl 15. Teams are now limited to 4 people, minimum and maximum.
PQ boss's EXP, HP, summons, and the whole PQ in general has been changed. Some aspects are easier, some are harder.

You can now recover HP and MP using money!
key [1] for 50HP, [2] for 50MP, [3] for 250HP, [4] 300MP!

New monster added.

Part-time mini quests were added!

From now on, upon leveling up, there will be a HP and MP gain bonus depending on your occupation. High level players are recommended to start a new account for a stronger character. Sorry for the inconvenience.

BGM's are added! Press F1 to temporarily disable them.
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